3D-molded interconnect devices. An alternative to conventional circuit boards, these ‘3D-molded interconnect devices’ add electrical connectivity to the surface of three-dimensional structures. The aim is to combine mechanical, electronic and potentially optical functions in a single 3D part, allowing the creation of intricate, precisely aligned designs using fewer parts while delivering significant savings in space and weight compared to conventional electronic manufacturing. “These prototype interconnect devices were produced using injection-moulded plastics incorporating electrical metallisation,” explains ESA’s Jussi Hokka. “In principle, however, other materials can also be used, allowing the incorporation of sensors or the integration of shielding or cooling systems.” They were produced for ESA by Art of Technology AG in Switzerland, through the Agency’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems programme. Copyright ESA/Art of Technology AG

Call for Projects – Appel à Projets

Call for proposals, call for projects, call for applications published on https://adalidda.com (English) and https://fr.adalidda.com (French).

Appel à projets, appel à candidatures publiés sur https://fr.adalidda.com (français) et https://adalidda.com (anglais).

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